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Carol Sachs

Carol Sachs doesn't adhere to the structures of art in its traditional form as she creates art in ways that exaggerate elements of her pieces as well as surrealism from different perspectives. 

Carol's aim as an artist is to stimulate the mind and to draw the viewer into interacting with her pieces. 

As an artist she is not bound to specific mediums and tools as she uses oil, pastel, charcoal and many more. 

Artists Education

Ceramic and Art History 

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Paula Tetluk

Paula has loved and developed a passion for art and has been doing since a very young age. Her passion and love for art can be seen in all of her work. 

She has been professionally trained by Mr Tinus De Jongh after she left school. Paula finds her space and zone and loses track of time whilst creating her art pieces. She describes it as a form of meditation.

Paula Tetluk's inspiration is captured from all of her surroundings and is not bound by one type of inspiration. Her aim is to make her art come alive and to initiate stimulation between the viewer and the art piece. 

Artists Education

Professionally trained by Tinus De Jongh 

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Anthony Webb

Anthony has an intense love and passion for wildlife and more specifically wildlife from Southern Africa. Webb is a self-taught photographer that aims to encapsulate South African wildlife in its most raw form.

His hope is that his photography will create awareness for nature conservation as well as promote the conservation of nature around the world.

Artists Education

Self-taught photographer (former accountant now retired)

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Lynette Schulz

Lynette draws her artistic inspiration from mother nature, the creation of living beings as well as the flow and stillness of water.

Her artistic pieces are derived from her heart and has full faith that her work will engage and talk to the person who views it.

Schulz has a deep connection and love for her country, South Africa

Besides for painting she has now broadened her artistic horizons by including mosaicing, bead work as well as Interior Design.

Artists Education

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Datametrics Diploma

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Hannie Wessels

Hannie draws her inspiration from mother nature. More specifically it is the smells, feelings and textures of nature that inspire her.

This inspiration led to her creating an outlet by chiseling wood or by putting brush to canvas.

Art has been Wessels' passion from a very young age and her aim is to share the beauty that is her art work which is inspired by mother nature itself.

Artists Education

Diploma in Art

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Frans Matlala

Frans comes from a small town in Limpopo and grew up poor. One of his greatest wishes as a kid was to be able to afford the toys that he had seen all over different media. As a result of his background he was unfortunately not able to afford these toys so he took it upon himself to build toys out of the materials he had a his disposal. 

This started his artistic and creative career. At school, his teachers  urged him to further art and so he went on to Witz technicon but sadly due to his financial situation was unable to finish. He still pursues art as a full time living and his artistic inspiration comes from his soul, where he comes from and his surroundings. 

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